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NVQ Assessor Training - First-Class, Fast & Flexible

ASSESSOR TRAINING DIRECT are specialist providers of Fast-Track NVQ Assessor courses across the UK.  If you are looking for a clear fast-track path to a Level 3 NVQ QCF Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (formerly the A1), ATD is the provider for you.

Are you looking for fast and effective Assessor or IQA training?  Do you want to become a productive and effective assessor in your field quickly?  With ATD you only need to spend 1 day on our Training Day, delivered where and when you want it.  You will then get personal support and guidance as required to help you finish your Portfolio, which you should be able to do in a few short weeks.  

Our trainers are highly experienced and deliver training in a clear, interesting and uncomplicated style.  We aim to have you, not just qualified quickly, but delighted with the experience and well prepared to put what you have learned into practice.

Our prices are highly competitive, and our delivery method ensures that you will get qualified as a NVQ QCF Assessor quickly – as your time is money, this makes our rates even more attractive – see our Prices and Discounts.

Since 2012 there has been a choice of two Level 3 Assessor qualifications – the Award or the Certificate.  The Certificate is the only of these qualifications that qualifies you to assess in both work and training environments; and hence, we strongly recommend the Certificate, as it is the higher qualification.  The Assessor (formerly A1) and IQA (formerly V1) qualifications are generic – that is, these qualifications apply to all sectors and occupations.  See our FAQ section on the QCF Assessor qualifications.

ATD offers the Level 4 IQA Certificate (formerly the V1), fast track.

Latest News

Bright Assessing under investigation… see article

John Waite investigates a company which claimed to be the UK ‘s leading training provider and held tax-payer funded contracts worth millions of pounds for courses designed to get people back to work. But he discovers how some of its learners were given certificates for courses they never completed and others have had qualifications revoked for sub-standard work. Hundreds – possibly thousands – of other learners, many paying their own way in search new careers, have been left without the courses they paid for. Industry insiders claim it exposes a loophole in the way the system is regulated.

Listen to the Radio 4 investigation at this link.

NCFE have posted FAQs for Learners who have been with Bright.

Kevin Wooff of Assessor Training Direct says: “This is a great example of what can go wrong when a training company spends thousands on marketing and the shop front, and clearly very little or nothing on anything of substance.  It is frightening how easily government funding agencies are taken in by this – it would be interesting to see what due diligence was done in investigating Bright’

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QCF Assessor Certificate L3 (formerly A1)
IQA Internal Verifier Certificate L4 (formerly V1)
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  • "I would like to thank NVQ Assessor Training Direct, especially my Tutor, for their excellent training and support. The friendliness and flexibility of my assessor/trainer was invaluable as he was able to fit in with my needs and requirements. I thoroughly enjoyed the Training Day as it was very relaxed and extremely informative. I was put at great ease during the assessment which enabled me to complete an excellent assessment. I completed my portfolio within a few weeks with no difficulties as the ongoing support was fantastic. Since completing the NVQ Assessor qualification I have recently been shortlisted from 20+ candidates to the last 6 for an assessor position which again ATD gave me continued support even after achieving the NVQ Assessor Award."


  • “The one-to-one training Assessor Training Direct provided was friendly and relaxed, and was clear and easy to follow. The training was backed up with excellent support during completion of the portfolio. All in all I was extremely happy I chose NVQ Assessor Training Direct as my NVQ Assessor qualification training provider... I would absolutely recommend using them.”


  • “I just wish I’d been in touch with NVQ Assessor Training Direct before - so many other providers of NVQ Assessor qualification courses weren’t able to explain the course or how long it would take - it all seemed so difficult to get going until I spoke to Assessor Training Direct. Then, once I’d started the course, the training and support were brilliant.”


  • “So much more straightforward than I thought it would be – NVQ Assessor Training Direct bent over backwards to fit the training in around my work schedule. The NVQ Assessor Training Direct Tutor broke down all the NVQ jargon so clearly... 10 out of 10 for quality and value for money : ) I got my first paid work as an NVQ assessor before I'd even finished the course.”


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