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More information on getting qualified with ATDirect..

How do I organise the Assessments and find 'Learners'?

To achieve the L3 Assessor Certificate, you will need to carry out 4 assessments (2 each on 2 different ‘Learners’).  On the Training Day you will carry out a practical assessment exercise to get ‘hands on’ experience of applying assessment processes.  

Your ATDirect Trainer will also help you plan the 4 assessments you will carry out after the Training Day.  Each assessment can be straightforward – each need only be on a single Unit of an NVQ or other vocational qualification, and can be in anything that you are competent to assess… also, your Learner must have been properly prepared to demonstrate competence.  We will advise you on finding appropriate Learners and Units to assess.  If you think your circumstances may create difficulties in this area, give us a call.

How quickly can I get qualified as an Assessor?

  • The classroom training takes a day – you should be able to complete your Portfolio in a few weeks, less if it is a top priority for you.
  • You will receive your certificate 2 to 3 weeks after completion.
  • You can operate as an Assessor once you have done the classroom training as, from that point, you are ‘working towards’ your NVQ Assessor certificate.

How should I prepare for the Assessor Certificate course?

  • Check that you meet the Level 3 Assessor Experience Requirements (look in the Centre Handbook for the qualification(s) you want to assess).
  • We will provide you with course preparation including useful links.
  • Refresh your knowledge of your National Occupational Standards (the NVQ) and any recent changes.
  • If employment is your goal, research online or seek advice from recruitment or career agencies.  See Getting Work.
  • Call us if in doubt about any of the above – we’d be happy to have a no-obligation chat.