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Information on getting work as an Assessor:

How will I operate as an NVQ Assessor, and can I operate as a Freelancer?

You must be employed by and operate through one or more Approved NVQ Assessment Centres that deliver the NVQs you can assess.  An Approved Assessment Centre can be an employer, college, or other training organisation. You can be freelance in the sense that you can assess Learners through more than one Centre.

How do I know if my work experience is sufficient to enable me to assess the NVQs I want?

The Assessor (Experience) Requirements (i.e. the appropriate level of experience – and sometimes qualifications – in your field, such that you can be credible as an Assessor) are specified in each NVQ, and are different for each NVQ. To find out what they are try an internet search for ‘NVQ Title + Level + Assessor requirements +/or Guide to Centres’.

Bear in mind that some Awarding Bodies make it easier to find NVQ reference documents than others – if you can’t find it, try another Awarding Body website.  If in doubt give ATDirect a call and we will try to help.

I have heard that my A1 qualification is out-of-date - Is the A1 still valid and where can I find out about the new qualifications?

The A1 was replaced by the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement in 2012.  However, the A1, and the D32/33 remain valid so long as you can prove that you are current and knowledgeable about the new standards/qualification.  As with all Vocational Qualifications, the holders of all certificates – including the Assessor Qualifications – should keep their knowledge up to date with changes to the standards, and should maintain proof of Continual Professional Development (CPD).  If you haven’t been working as an Assessor since 2012, you may wish to undertake some refresher training to update your skills against the new standards.

Will ATDirect help me find a job as an Assessor?

Although ATDirect is a training provider rather than a recruitment consultant, we will provide what informal guidance we can.  

ATDirect will be launching a new jobs website specialising in Trainers, Assessors and Quality Assurers very soon.  Please register your interest in advertising as either a job seeker, employer, or recruitment consultant by contacting us.