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ATDirect Use Onefile’s Award-Winning Electronic Portfolios

Accessible, paperless, intuitive – just some of the words used to describe  award-winning Onefile.

We, at ATDirect, knew we were on to a winner when we joined Onefile to administer our course portfolios, and it turns out that the Queen (or at least her awards committee) agrees!

Onefile - Award-Winning EPortfolio System

Queen’s Award for Innovation 2017

We would like to congratulate Onefile on being awarded The 2017 Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation.

For those who might be unaware, Onefile is a data management system which allows training providers to set work and means that learners can upload evidence of learning and competence in tasks, which the trainer can track. It was designed by Onefile with apprenticeships in mind and is now used by 500,000 people around the world.

As the government continues to promote the new Apprenticeship scheme, demand for trainers and assessors is increasing. The use of e-portfolios makes delivering courses and collecting evidence much easier – for trainer and learner.

Accessible from any computer or device, Onefile claims to boost learner engagement which is reflected in the success rate of its users and the speed with which courses can be completed.

At ATDirect, not only do our learners benefit from being able to upload documents, audio-visual and images as evidence, tutors and learners can maintain contact allowing tutors to track learners’ progress and set new challenges. AtDirect is particularly keen as it also supports our green credentials as we try to remain as paperless as we can.

So, well done Onefile, we will continue to promote your product as we endeavour to make the learning experience of our trainee Assessors and Trainers as simple and obstacle-free as we can.

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