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Get Apprenticeship Levy Ready

What do you know about the apprenticeship levy?

As the start of the apprenticeship levy approaches, assessor training and trainer courses have never been more relevant. From April 2017, companies with a payroll bill in excess of £3million will have to pay a 0.5% apprenticeship levy. The good news is that employers will be able to use the apprenticeship funding pot to help pay for their own in-house training and assessment.

Clearly, this is not just a great opportunity for employers to give apprentices a good start but it’s also good news for existing employees who now have the chance to develop their own careers as trainers and assessors.

Employers are already registering with the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) which will go live in April. It will allow employers to keep track of the contributions that they have made, and access funds to pay for the apprenticeship training that they want to provide. Employers will be able to start drawing from funds in May.

ATDirect is excellently positioned to help Employers equip themselves for the new changes. We offer a range of vocational qualifications for trainers and assessors that apply across sectors from construction to healthcare. Furthermore, we can provide consultancy advice to businesses too.

In a recent BBC News on-line article,  it was said that one third of employers liable for the levy were unaware of its existence and there are concerns about the impact of the levy on organisations. While the apprenticeship system can appear complicated and potentially time consuming,  ATDirect can provide consultancy services to help businesses understand the process. We look forward to exciting times ahead.


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