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Level 3 Assessor Qualifications

There are 4 Level 3 Assessor qualifications aimed at people who work in, or are planning to undertake, roles in assessment. They cover how to plan, prepare, conduct and gather evidence for assessment:

Level 3 Award in Understanding Principles and Practice (Theory only)

A theory-only Award aimed at those beginning an assessor role and those who need to know about assessment practice but who are not practising, such as those who wish to become assessors, quality assurance staff or managers.

Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement (Training only)

For assessors who assess knowledge and/or skills in training environments (simulated environments, training workshops & classrooms) using the following assessment methods: tests of skills, oral questioning, written questions, case studies, assignments, projects and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment (Work only)

For assessors who assess competence in a work environment, which requires the use of the following assessment methods: observation, examining work products or outputs, oral questioning, discussion, use of witness testimony, learner statements and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (Work & Training)

For assessors who may use all of the above assessment methods in a wide range of settings, both work and training environments.


Hairdresser Assessor

Hairdressing Assessor

Zincworker Assessor with Apprentice

Construction Assessor


The qualifications are built from 3 Units of Competence and you will need to prove competence in each appropriate Unit to get qualified:

Level 3 Assessor Qualifications – Unit Composition


ATDirect recommends the Level 3 Assessor ‘Certificate’ as it’s the only qualification that qualifies you to assess in both work and training environments using a full range of assessment methods.  It therefore maximises your employment flexibility.  The Assessor ‘Awards’ qualify you to assess in either a work or training environment, or, in the case of the Understanding Principles and Practice Award, provides a theory-only introduction to assessing.


The Assessor qualifications cover the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to assess others.  You will need to combine your qualification with your work experience to operate as Assessor.

In addition to good communication skills and the ability to handle basic report writing and some administration, you will need 3 key things: 

1. An Assessor qualification – either the Level 3 Assessor ‘Award’ (specifically for assessing in either a work or a training environment), or the Level 3 Assessor ‘Certificate’ (for assessing in both a work and a training environment). 

2. A thorough knowledge of the National Occupational Standards or qualification subject area you wish to assess.

3. Sufficient and credible work experience in the occupation and at or above the level you wish to assess. 


Here’s a bit of history…

In 2010, the qualifications set out above replaced older D32/33/34 and A1/A2 Assessor and Verifier qualifications.  The new qualifications are known as the TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance) qualifications, and include qualifications for Internal and External Verifiers as well as Assessors.

One of the key differences is that the new qualifications contain a much stronger knowledge base than previously and this is evidenced by the mandatory knowledge unit in each of the qualifications.  The new qualifications also cover assessment practice in both training environments (classrooms, workshops and virtual learning environments) and the workplace.

There is no mandatory requirement to requalify to the new TAQA units, however, if you achieved your assessor qualifications as either the D32 or A1 units prior to 2010, and have not been regularly assessing since then, you may find that prospective employers will require you to have evidenced Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or undertaken refresher training to maintain your knowledge in the field of Assessment and the new frameworks.

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ATDirect provide first-class and flexible Assessor training courses for each of the 4 Assessor qualifications to suit your needs.

More on ATDirect Assessor Courses including scheduled and in-house courses, course duration and cost.

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