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Level 4 IQA Qualifications

Assessor Training Direct provides first-class training courses leading to the Level 4 Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) qualifications, with the aim of getting you qualified and working as an IQA as quickly as possible.  

There are 3 IQA qualifications aimed at anyone involved (or wanting to get involved) in an internal quality assurance role:

  • Level 4 Award in Understanding the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (Theory only)
  • Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (For Practitioners)
  • Level 4 Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice (For ‘Lead IQAs’)

The qualifications are built from 6 Units of Competence and you will need to prove competence in each appropriate Unit to get qualified:

Level 4 IQA Qualifications – Unit Composition


Choosing the Right Qualification?

Your choice of qualification depends on whether you need a ‘theory-only’ introduction to internal quality assurance, whether you wish to practise as an IQA, or whether you lead a team of IQAs:

  • The single unit Award is aimed at those wanting to gain an understanding of Internal Quality Assurance rather than practice as an IQA – it is a ‘theory-only’ introduction to internal quality assurance
  • The 2-Unit Award is for those practising, or wanting to practise, as an Internal Quality Assurer
  • The 3-Unit Certificate is aimed at those who lead a team of Internal Quality Assurers
Trainee Assessor, Edinburgh Trams

Edinburgh Trams, Oct 2016

V1, D34 & TAQA Qualifications?

Here’s a bit of history…

In 2010, the qualifications set out above replaced older D34 and V1 Internal Verifier qualifications. The new qualifications are known as the TAQA (Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance) qualifications, and include qualifications for Assessors and External Verifiers as well as Internal Quality Assurers (previously known as Internal Verifiers).

One of the key differences is that the new qualifications contain a much stronger knowledge base than previously and this is evidenced by the mandatory knowledge unit in each of the qualifications.  The new qualifications also include one for quality assurance staff who manage the work of teams of assessors (a ‘lead IQA’ role) and this includes a unit imported from the Management Standards Council (MSC) units of assessment.

There is no mandatory requirement to requalify to the new TAQA units, however, if you achieved your IQA qualifications as either the D34 or V1 units prior to 2010, and have not been regularly verifying since then, you may find that prospective employers will require you to have evidenced Continuous Professional Development (CPD) or undertaken refresher training to maintain your knowledge in the field of Quality Assurance and the new frameworks.


Want to train to be an IQA?

ATDirect provide first-class and flexible IQA training courses to suit your needs.

More on ATDirect IQA Courses including in-house and online courses, course duration and cost.

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