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Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration

Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration

Overall Objective for the Qualification

Administrators need a broad range of skills to work efficiently and help increase business productivity. The nature of administrative roles varies depending on the level and sector in which individuals are employed.

This qualification aims to provide a flexible structure with a wide range of optional units to allow its use in different environments. Administrative tasks may include producing business documents, contributing to the organisation of events, developing and delivering presentations, providing reception services, using and maintaining office equipment, providing administrative support for meetings, using a variety of software packages, analysing and presenting business documents and managing projects. The qualification’s objective is to equip individuals with not only business-specific knowledge and skills required to carry out administrative roles, but also the softer-skills such as communication, team working and interpersonal skills.

Pre-entry Requirements

There are no pre-entry requirements for enrolling to complete this qualification.

Units and Rules of Combination

This qualification is made up of 6 mandatory units and a range of optional units. To be awarded this qualification the learner must achieve a minimum of 45 credits, consisting of 21 mandatory and 24 optional credits.

To achieve the Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration learners must complete a minimum of 45 credits: 21 credits from Mandatory Group A and a minimum of 14 credits from Optional Group B must be completed.

A maximum of 10 credits can be taken from Optional Group C and a maximum of 6 credits from Optional Group D.

A minimum of 36 credits must be at or above Level 2.

Mandatory Units (Group A- 21 Credits)

Communication in a business environment

Understand employer organisations

Principles of providing administrative services

Principles of business document production and information management

Manage personal performance and development

Develop working relationships with colleagues

Optional Units (Group B – minimum 14 credits)

Administer the recruitment and selection process

Handle mail

Organise business travel or accommodation

Provide reception services

Provide administrative support for meetings

Prepare text from notes using touch typing

Manage diary systems

Collate and report data

Contribute to the organisation of an event

Employee rights and responsibilities

Prepare text from shorthand

Buddy a colleague to develop their skills

Optional Units (Group C – maximum 10 credits)

Using Email

Bespoke Software

Spreadsheet Software

Data Management Software

Presentation Software

Word Processing Software

Website Software

Deliver customer service

Participate in a project

Processing customers’ financial transactions

Payroll Processing

Process information about customers

Develop customer relationships

Optional Units (Group D – maximum 6 credits)

Understand the use of research in business

Understand the legal context of business

Principles of marketing theory

Principles of digital marketing

Principles of customer relationships

Understand working in a customer service environment

Know how to publish, integrate and share using social media

Exploring Social Media

Understand the safe use of online and social media platforms

Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace

Principles of team leading

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