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Level 5 Certificate in Police Management

Level 5 Certificate in Police Management

Overall Objective for the Qualification

The Level 5 Certificate in Police Management is for individuals who are aspiring and practising managers within the police sector.

The objective of this qualification is to support learners to develop the specific knowledge, understanding and skills that are required for police management. It covers areas such as managing operational threats, developing and evaluating operational plans, managing people and providing leadership.

Pre-entry Requirements

There are no pre-entry requirements for enrolling to complete this qualification, but candidates will need to be aspiring and practising managers at an appropriate level within the police sector.

Units and Rules of Combination

This qualification comprises 5 mandatory units and 6 optional units. Learners must complete all the mandatory units and one optional unit to achieve a minimum of 29 credits.

Mandatory Units – complete all of the following units

Identify and manage operational threats and risks

Plan, allocate and monitor work in own area of responsibility

Manage own professional development within an organisation

Provide leadership and direction for own area of responsibility

Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of responsibility

Optional Units – complete 1 of the following units

Plan law enforcement operations

Plan and deploy resources for law enforcement operations

Provide information to support decision making

Manage investigations in own area of responsibility

Determine and review authorisations

Manage a budget in own area or activity or work

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Course Dates: Bespoke

Course available on a bespoke basis. Contact us on 0800 088 6058 for further details.