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Information about the role of an Assessor, including the qualifications and experience required to operate as an Assessor:

What is an NVQ Assessor?

NVQ assessors support and assess people working towards National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs). They make sure that candidates meet the occupational standards needed to achieve the NVQ.

As an NVQ assessor you would:

  • Observe candidates in their workplace 
  • Examine candidates’ portfolios of evidence 
  • Question candidates to assess how they would deal with non-standard situations 
  • Provide feedback and offer advice if the standards are not met 
  • Sign off the NVQ when all the requirements have been met 
  • Keep records of candidates’ progress, according to the requirements of the NVQ awarding bodies
  • Attend meetings with other Assessors 
  • Work closely with training staff and candidates’ line managers.

What do I need to operate as an NVQ Assessor?

In addition to good communication skills and the ability to handle basic report writing and some administration, you will need 3 key things: 

1. An Assessor qualification – either the Level 3 Assessor ‘Award’ (specifically for assessing in either a work or a training environment), or the Level 3 Assessor ‘Certificate’ (for assessing in both a work and a training environment and formerly called the A1). 

2. A thorough knowledge of the National Occupational Standards or qualification subject area you wish to assess.

3. Sufficient and credible work experience in the occupation and at or above the Level you wish to assess.

Once qualified, you will need to be employed by, and registered with, an Approved NVQ Assessment Centre that delivers the course you want to assess. An Approved Assessment Centre can be an employer, college, or other training organisation. Just like any prospective employer, these Centres may add their own requirements on top of the minimum listed above – for example they may only want to employ experienced Assessors.