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Here you will find our latest and archived posts under the category ‘ATDirect Opinion’ –  our comment and views on national vocational training news and policy.

Vocational Qualifications - Apprentice Plasterer

Vocational Qualifications – What’s in a Name?

Successive governments have fiddled endlessly with vocational qualification structures and processes… and, of course, the very names they are called. Vocational qualifications, while different to academic qualifications, are every bit as important. The difference, of course is that vocational assessment takes account of someone’s ability to do a job, as well…

End Point Assessment

End-Point Assessment – Change, Change and More Change

Recent years have seen a proliferation of changes to the guidance on how vocational qualifications should be assessed, and also to the structure and role of the organisations put in place to ensure the standardisation of qualifications and assessment.

Assessors have been doing ‘end-point assessments’ since NVQs were set up, in that assessments are done only when the Learner/Candidate is ready to prove their knowledge & performance. There is nothing new in this, except that recent guidance appears to want to take the ‘Gove-ish’ view that all forms of assessment must be returned to high-pressure end-point scenario in the mistaken belief that this is more robust than doing any form of continuous assessment. High-pressure assessment, where everything depends on the outcome of one test, is wasteful and unfair, favouring those who are not adversely affected by the (artificial and non-representative) pressure in such situations.

Get Apprenticeship Levy Ready

What do you know about the apprenticeship levy? As the start of the apprenticeship levy approaches, assessor training and trainer courses have never been more relevant. From April 2017, companies with a payroll bill in excess of £3million will have to pay a 0.5% apprenticeship levy. The good news is that employers will be able…

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