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ATDirect strives to develop and maintain practices that are both ethical and ecologically sound.  Here are some examples:


ATDirect banks with Triodos Bank, the highest scoring ethical bank operating in the UK.  Triodos invests in organisations that offer a positive environmental or social impact.  As of 2014, it has financed over 370 environmental projects in Europe. Consumers interested in internal culture may be attracted to Triodos’ workplace policies – its management team is 40% female, no executive bonuses are paid, and the ratio between the highest and lowest salary at Triodos is fixed below 10:1.  Details of all the bank’s investments are also published on the company’s website. Unfortunately none of the UK High Street banks are considered to be ethical due to a range of factors including the types of companies and products they invest in, as well as their operating practices.


We are not perfect but we carry out the following to try to minimise waste and the consumption of materials:

i) Paperless office and processes:

  • we use Onefile, an award-winning EPortfolio system to cut out the use of paper and files almost completely
  • we have informed ATDirect’s company accountant that we do not wish to receive any more paper communications from them, and we always ask everyone we deal with not to
  • we run a paperless office – we don’t print off any electronic communications, and we don’t send out any paper apart from official certificates and covering letters.  We do not produce any paper marketing materials.  We do, however, print off some educational materials as screen reading the whole time can be a bit of a strain and many people don’t like learning this way.
  • what waste we do have, we recycle if it’s recyclable.

ii) We are proactive in telling suppliers not to overpackage stuff or send us paper communications, or ‘free’ samples or gifts which are destined for landfill

iii) Fuel:
We’re not running on electric cars yet, however we do:

  • save fuel costs by delivering training on site – one person travelling is better than many.  Our Trainers also use public transport wherever it’s practicable
  • we switch stuff off if we’re not using it

iv) Community & renewable energy:
ATDirect’s staff have taken a lead role in their spare time to equip our local school with solar PV panels, and our Community Hall with solar PV panels and LED lighting.

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