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Jack Edwards


“Swift identified very early on that the best assessors come from those directly in the sector, the ones with the current hands on experience. We then needed to find a company to train our trainers, this needed to be a company that was flexible and supportive, this is where we found Kevin and ATDirect.

Over the last 7 years Swift has used the support of ATDirect to achieve several assessor and IQA qualifications. The key to a life long learning journey is to ensure the programme and delivery is individualised and supportive, this is something Swift firmly believe in, and clearly ATDirect and Kevin, share this view and ethos.

With the initial training from ATDirect, we have seen assessors develop personally and professionally, with some of our staff becoming lead IQAs, curriculum leads, and department managers. Myself, I started off as someone fresh out of the sector, with no assessing experience. In a three year working period, I trained with Kevin to become an assessor and IQA, I am now the Academy Director of Swift, and I truly do feel that Kevin and ATDirect played a very significant part and cemented my foundations in the apprenticeship sector.”

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