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Assessor Training in Demand

Construction worker on roofThere is increased demand for Assessor Training as the construction industry declares a shortage of on-site Assessors.

The CITB (Construction Industry Training Board)  and JTL (training and apprenticeship providers for plumbing and electrical engineering) are calling for more Assessors to carry out on-site work-place assessments. With the rise in the number of people taking up apprenticeships, there is now a shortage of qualified assessors in the construction industry, particularly plumbing.

In April, the CITB launched the assessor infrastructure project, which was designed to increase the number of on-site training assessors available across the UK. Many construction workers already have the skills and experience to enable them to carry-out their jobs to a high standard but often they do not hold a qualification.

With the increasing demand for new homes and businesses across the country, construction firms need qualified workers quickly and without the time and financial impact of employees needing time off to get qualified. Richard Miller of the CITB said “The assessor infrastructure project will give workers with the right skills and experience the opportunity to become qualified and get the recognition they deserve without being away from the job.”

Now, 3 months later, the JTL are also calling for more Assessors who can visit sites to provide guidance on trainees’ NVQ portfolios and support their development.

Julie Asher-Smith, Human Resources Director of JTL, says “The skills gap relating to apprentices and plumbers has been well documented, but having the right people to assess their training is an important part of the jigsaw.”

At ATDirect, we know that there are thousands of people out there with the necessary skills and experience to make good Assessors, but that often it is time that prevents them from taking the next step. That’s why ATD offers fast-track and flexible Assessor training, which can be completed along-side work and other commitments and means that ‘would-be-assessors’ could be qualified within 4-6 weeks. All learners are encouraged to use our e-portfolio system, and our trainers are on hand throughout the process to offer guidance.

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