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Chef Assessing Trainee
Chef Assessing Trainee



ATDirect Consultancy can provide consultancy assistance in the following areas:

Setting up Approved Assessment Centres
Devising Company Vocational Training and Assessment Schemes
National Qualification Frameworks – International Consultancy

ATDirect has over 10 years’ experience delivering UK-accredited TAQA (Trainer, Assessor and Quality Assurer) qualifications, as well as advising individuals and companies how to set up Approved Assessment Centres, company-based vocational qualification programmes, and the implementation of National Qualification Frameworks.

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Setting up Approved Assessment Centres

If you are an individual, partnership or a company who sees a commercial opportunity in delivering vocational qualifications, ATDirect Consultancy can provide the direction you need. Initially with a general information pack, with the option of providing all the documentation and guidance you need to get set up as an Approved Assessment Centre. We have helped centres set up in the following sectors: Construction (Lifting Operations, Plant Operations, All Trades), Streetlighting (Highway Electrical), Healthcare, and Skin Care/Beauty.

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Devising Company Vocational Training and Assessment Schemes

You may represent a company that wants to deliver UK-accredited vocational qualifications to your own staff, or you may want to repair or devise your own in-house company competency scheme, with a proper quality assurance programme to ensure that it stays fit for purpose. ATDirect Consultancy can advise on all aspects of the implementation of an effective scheme.

Assessor Training in the Beauty Sector

National Qualification Frameworks (International)

It is broadly acknowledged that, for a country to be internationally competitive, it must prioritise the development of relevant skills and qualifications – in particular, vocationally-focused qualifications – that are directly relevant to new industrial and employment opportunities that emerge from evolving technologies, materials, systems and workplace environments.

The skills that are the basis for these qualifications must be in demand by industry and, in turn, the qualifications that prove competence to employers must be logical, well-structured, and standardised within a qualification framework if they are to have longevity. These qualifications must have processes built in that ensure maintenance of a sharp relevance to industry’s needs.

Many nations have recognised the value of investing in a national qualifications framework that combines the power and benefits of vocational qualifications that are modern, relevant, and effectively assessed, alongside traditional academic qualifications.

You may represent an Awarding Body or national qualification regulator that wishes to implement a new framework, or develop your country’s vocational qualification system. The UK has a very well established vocational qualification system, which can provide a solid foundation upon which to develop other national qualifications while taking into account national ambitions and cultural and economic differences.

ATDirect (Consultancy) provides advice and support on the introduction of Vocational Qualification Frameworks to organisations at all levels, from organisations proposing to introduce new qualifications (including Awarding Bodies), to Skills and Education Ministries.

ATDirect (Consultancy) would be pleased to discuss your requirements whether you are a national representative, or a representative of an organisation seeking to underpin internal training and competency programmes with robust assessments and qualifications.

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