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Assessor Training: Health & Social Care Sector

If you’re interested in assessor training in the Health and Social Care sector, you’ve come to the right place… Whether you’re an organisation operating in the sector, or a home carer or nurse for example, we can help get employees and individuals qualified as Assessors fast!  If qualification is a priority, it’s possible to achieve certification in just a few short weeks.

Home Health Care Worker

ATDirect have over 15 years’ experience in assessor training and have trained over 1000 Assessors (and IQAs) to date.  We’ve trained many Assessors in the Health and Social Care sector including adult health care workers, specialist Alzheimers’ carers and nurses, to name but a few.

We provide different courses leading to 4 different Assessor qualifications and specialise in the Level 3 Assessor ‘Certificate’ which is the most comprehensive qualification.  We are very flexible and can provide In-house training at short notice anywhere in the country.  We also offer Scheduled Courses for individuals every month at key locations including London, Manchester and Birmingham, and Online Courses for those who want bite-sized training that fits around home and work commitments.

Assessor Training: Health & Social Care Sector – Clients

A list of our company clients in this sector are given below.  We have also trained many individual clients who are looking for work in the sector or looking to consolidate their skills and qualifications.  Please visit our Testimonials page for some examples.


Company Clients


I Just Got My Certificate

Robert Griffiths, St Luke's Hospice, receiving his Assessor Training Direct Certificate

Robert Griffiths, St Luke’s Hospice, receiving his Assessor Certificate