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Chef Assessing Trainee

How to Become an Assessor

An Assessor makes a judgement about a person’s ability or competence in a particular job role. If you want to become an Assessor, you must have 3 things:

  1. Sufficient occupational experience and expertise in the subject
    This should be at least to the level being assessed, and be current and verifiable.  This is normally achieved prior to taking the Assessor qualification.
  2. A nationally-recognised Assessor qualification
    The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (or ‘CAVA’… formerly the ‘A1’) is a mandatory qualification for anyone who wants to make decisions about a person’s competence, if that decision leads to a nationally-recognised vocational qualification, such as an NVQ.
  3. A good working knowledge of the qualification being assessed (the Units, assessment methods, and evidence requirements)
    This can be done during or after the Assessor qualification. Every Approved Assessment Centre will induct and explain all the requirements to any new Assessors recruited.

So, having the Assessor qualification allows you to be employed in the role of Assessor, to assess anything you are occupationally competent and current in.  This might be in a full-time post, or as a freelancer working for multiple Approved Assessment Centres.

The Level 3 Assessor Certificate is a great way to start to get into the world of Learning & Development – once you have this qualification you will find it easy to gain a Level 3 Trainer qualification (the Level 3 Award in Education & Training), and, after gaining some Assessor experience, to move onto the Level 4 IQA qualification

How we can help

ATDirect would be more than happy to have a no-obligation chat with you about your reasons to gain these qualifications. We can also help you get them so you can start assessing.  We offer a range of Assessor courses leading to the Level 3 qualification. Feel free to contact us via email or on 0800 246 5574.

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